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Hotel Transylvania 2 (PG)

Tuesday, Oct 13
7:00 pm

Wednesday, Oct 14
7:00 pm

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The Gem Theatre"The Showplace of Kannapolis" since 1936The Gem Theatre"The Showplace of Kannapolis" since 1936

The Gem Theatre
"The Showplace of Kannapolis" since 1936

The Gem Theatre is a first run, single screen historic movie theater located in downtown Kannapolis, NC. The Gem has been a landmark place to watch movies as a family for generations and still maintains reasonable ticket and concession prices with families in mind. Where else can you see a movie and get a large popcorn and a soft drink for under $10.00?

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  • In the winter of 1968, I attended the movie "Angel in my Pocket" at the Gem. My then boyfriend and I were enjoying the movie when a strip of written on paper came across the bottom of the screen for us to call my home. It was my Mom telling us we need to come home "right then" because it was snowing and the roads would get bad.

    "I was embarrassed to death, but now my husband and I can laugh about that memory."

    My Mom, thank goodness, is still with us and I could see her now calling our cell now if we went to the movies in the snow today! Now, I take my grandchildren there and sit up in the balcony and eat popcorn and enjoy ourselves still today!

  • My favorite Gem moment was my first Gem Theatre moment. I had just moved to Landis, North Carolina in 2010 and I was driving home from dining out in Kannapolis one evening and I saw the bright neon lights of the Gem Theatre I thought that is so cool. I came home looked up the Gem online and saw the history of the Gem and said I must visit, so the next day I did.

    "I saw a great movie, but was more amazed at the architecture of the Gem, the balcony the curtain over the screen, the fact you showed a cartoon short before the movie."

    I am not going to lie, I usually (at other theatres) sneak a drink and a snack in, but at the Gem there is no need to. I can buy a medium popcorn, large drink, and a candy bar for less than a medium popcorn at other theaters. I love that the Gem Theatre has a history and a character that can't be replaced.

  • The Gem Theatre is not only a staple in our community but a place where real people attend to get away for a couple of hours and be entertained with their families and love ones. I guess I'm a little bias to the Gem since it was my first job at 15 ½ years of age. I have memories of watching Star Wars and Popeye the sailor man with my dad and my grandfather; but the best memories were and continue to this day to be the people I worked with and met as customers while working there for over 9 years.

    "Most of who I am today as far as my career, attitude, and views on life were molded by those relationships gained through good honest work as a facilitator of the movies."

    I'd like to say Thanks to Clyde, Carlyle, Mrs. Beatty Simpson for believing in a 15 ½ year old kid so many years ago! Also a special "Thanks" to Steve Morris for continuing Gem Theatre legacy for future generations!

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